January 24, 2006

Amit is in Finland. This means, I have nobody at home to watch over me and tell me what to do and, worse still, what not to do (yes, he does, the terrible fellow). So, I can get up to more than a little mischief.

And what better mischief to get up to than food?

See, food is for me a perpetual source of excitement and inspiration. I looooooooooove food and I make no bones about it.

As a small child, I learnt that only greedy, selfish, “bad” people eat alone. As I grew up, what remained of this lesson was that other people think this way. For me, eating alone stopped being a shameful activity and became a luxurious self indulgence long ago. In fact, I love to eat alone, because it means I can really linger over my food, which I love to do when I like the food, and I can eat lots, which can take a really long time. When I’m alone, I don’t have to worry either that other people are waiting for me to finish, or that they are thinking to themselves, gosh, she eats so much! Oh yes, and I don’t have to “protect” my food from advances of other, quicker eaters, which is something I HATE to do, but if I don’t do, it disappears before I can eat it!

So anyway, I decided that since Amit was away for ever so long, I should at least treat myself to a pizza evening. So, come Sunday evening, I was almost drooling as I thought of which pizza I would order and when and how slowly I would eat it, savouring every little morsel, all by myself.

And I did, I really did. It was rather more expensive than I expected (when did pizza become so expensive???) but it was fully worth it. Dominos, thin crust (it’s really thin!) Medium (serves 2 – I finished it! Told you I eat a lot) Meatzaa. Mmmm…

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