December 4, 2005

Now as most of you know, I came to Bangalore eight years ago (in April) just after getting married. Ok, I know that’s not what getting Bangalored means, but it’s close enough. 🙂

And I was just remembering the Bangalore I saw then and have seen over then past eight years. I remember when:

  • Traffic went both ways on Residency Road

  • And Richmond Road

  • And so many other roads

  • Ring Road was where everyone went to watch flights take off

  • Outer Ring Road was agricultural land

  • Vivek Nagar Road had lots of big trees… and no pot holes (yes, really!)

  • Koramangala HAD roads

  • There was no flyover being constructed at the Airport Road-Ring Road junction and traffic went by so smoothly

  • You could hit 60 kmph on some roads in the city

  • Traffic jams happened on Thursdays (Infant Jesus Church day) and Saturdays (pub night). Period.

  • Agara Lake and Hebbal were practically out of town

  • ITPL was a twinkle in someone’s eye

  • Brigade Road was full of small-small shops where you could go bargain hunting

  • Victoria was a hotel

  • Shoppers’ Stop was where Shoppers’ Stop had always been

  • The words Rex, Galaxy, Symphony, and Plaza had something in common

  • Imperial showed shady movies

  • Lido existed

  • Cafe Coffee Day was the only internet cafe in town

  • The Only Place was on Brigade Road

  • If you said, “Let’s meet at Corner House,” nobody said, “Which one?”

  • Foodworld was the SUPER expensive super market on MG Road

  • Crossword was what came in the Sunday papers

  • Premier book shop was a landmark, and Landmark wasn’t

  • Commercial Street was a big bazaar and Big Bazaar wasn’t

  • Metro wasn’t either

  • You never needed fans

  • You usually didn’t need boats either

I guess I have become a Bangalorean!

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