Raring to Go

Here I have a brand new unicorn parked at home and my hands and feet itching to take it for a ride and I just CAN”T get it out on the road!!!

It’s a long story…

Well, when it was first delivered to us last Saturday (ohmygod, that’s more than a week ago and only 50 km on the milometer!) it had a “temporary” number plate on it. That is to say, the number was scrawled by hand with a black felt pen. Scant attention had been paid to font and size. And if you so much as looked at it, it faded away without a trace. Well, that was definitely going to land me in trouble if the cops set eyes on it.

So last Tuesday, I traipsed off to Church Street, where I know there is a number plate maker. I had hoped that he would make it and give it to me the same day, within say a couple of hours. But no such luck. Come back tomorrow, he said firmly.

Well, I managed to lose the key of my Scooty that day, which necessitated getting the spare key out of the car, which Amit had taken to office. So I sheepishly called him up and he gallantly came to the rescue as usual. This, mind you, in the same week that I “thought” I had lost my wallet. Old age is HERE!!!

Anyway, I couldn’t go back the next day, nor the day after because it was raining raining and still raining! And after getting back from work at 7 p.m. who wants to drive out to Church Street in the dismal rain? Not me!

So on Friday I begged and pleaded with Amit, who in any case was also getting equally impatient, and he agreed to go pick up the number plates on his way back from work. As it happened, I came home early on Friday, and the rain held up, so I *could* have gone, but… he had the number plates.

Ok, let me explain. The bike came with one set of number plates, but when I ordered new number plates, the chap said that he would make the number embossed on the plate, for which he would not use the existing plates, but cut new ones, because he needed a different kind of metal. Ok, maybe he sold me a line to make me pay more, but I had just spent 60k+ on the bike, so what the hell? But I told him I would bring the original number plates, so that he could drill the holes for the screws correctly.

Now, Amit had taken the old number plates, and duly on Friday he returned with the new ones. I immediately went to fit the number plates on the bike, but the front one wouldn’t fit. The holes were correctly spaced, but too low on the plate – they would have to be shifted up!

So what with the beachy weekend, it is Tuesday today and I still have only ONE functional number plate.


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