I Bought a Honda Unicorn!

Why Unicorn?img_1293_small.jpgWell, I always wanted to ride a bike – I mean, a motorcycle, with all its steel and power. 150 cc seemed to be the way to go, because it might be able to take both of us – a formidable 150 kg combined! And besides, with bikes, bigger is always better. Of course, we should have gone for a 350 cc or bigger, but I thought we should work our way up to that, rather than jumping from a 60 cc Scooty straight into the big league.

The Unicorn came highly recommended. Apparently, it has a revolutionary approach to suspension, with a mono suspension instead of separate front and back suspension. It is more powerful than other bikes in its class, developing higher power at lower revs. That means you don’t have to change down to low gears so often, which is a good thing given Bangalore’s driving conditions.

Oh, and its ad line is “Real men never lose sight of their goal,” which is somewhat better than Pulsar, which is “definitely male”! (For more info on the Unicorn, check the Honda website: http://www.honda2wheelersindia.com/unicorn/ )

Besides, Unicorn had one particularly convincing review, which is not, strictly, relevant to me, but interesting to know anyway. If you want to know what on earth I am talking about, click this link: http://www.indiabike.com/readfeedback.asp?id=987836497&bc=010&model=Uni…

(Keep in mind that this feedback is not mine, nor of anyone I know, and I am not in a position to either confirm or refute it.)

So anyway, during my long sojourn in the Himalayas, I decided that it was so much fun to do the things that you really really want to do, that I decided I would finally be brave and buy a bike. I also had a little left over from my travel kitty – enough to buy a bike after a couple of months’ earnings and savings. Luckily for me, Amit was kind enough to spare me my meager savings and happily bought the bike for me.

Not knowing much about bikes, I didn’t do many test drives. I just rode the Unicorn, found that my feet would just about reach the ground, and decided that that was good enough to start with. Two days later, the bike was delivered home without incident. I immediately took it for a spin and, ambitiously trying a u-turn, dropped it. I got a few scratches on my elbow, and the Unicorn lost its brake lever. That seemed a good way to get to know each other better.

The next day, we finished the petrol and had to roll it down to the nearest petrol station. Amit said it was too low for him to roll it comfortably, so I did the hard work. Luckily, the nearest petrol bunk is only 200-300 m away from home. I got some strange looks as we rolled up at the petrol bunk, and after filling up, when I got on the bike to start it, several men hurriedly got out of the way (which was probably a smart thing to do).

The next day, I dropped it again, while parking it. There were extenuating circumstances (I thought I had lost my wallet and was rushing back panic-stricken to check if I had left it at home, which, thank goodness, I had!) but the fact remains that for the second time, the unicorn found itself resting ignominiously on its side.

I guess things can only get better. Today evening I will get its legally valid number plate, and tomorrow this mean machine is going to hit the road (hopefully in the vertical)!

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